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Problems with logging in/access token



I have been unable to get an access token. Here’s what I did:

1) On the open Calais site, I went to the registration form, filled it out
2) I received an email with a link to activate the account.
3) I clicked the link and that lead me to a page that said my profile has been activated.

After that, if I click on the Login button, no login screen comes up so it appears as if I am logged in.

I expected to receive an email with an access key but received no email and don’t seem to be able to do anything.

any help or suggests would be appreciated!

asked October 9, 2015

1 Answer


Once you get to the page with “User Profile Activated” you can click on “Open PermID” or “Open Calais” and then enter your user name and password that you’ve selected on the registration form.
To get your Token key – once you log in to, select the drop down menu in which you can select “Display my token”